Survey of GC and CIOs Predicts a Major Role for Predictive Technology

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Increasingly in legal matters involving large enterprises, decisions about e-discovery technology are driven not by litigators, but by general counsel and chief information officers. Now, a survey published this week offers insights into how GCs and CIOs view predictive technology.

The survey’s key finding might come as a surprise to some: The vast majority of both GCs (85%) and CIOs (90%) believe that predictive technology will play a major role in increasing litigation-related worker productivity and reducing the overall cost of e-discovery.

The survey of GCs and CIOs at the Global 250 was conducted in December and January by the eDiscovery Solutions Group (eDSG), which published preliminary results earlier this week. More than half of those polled participated in the survey, the full results of which will be published in the spring.

Other highlights of the survey:

  • 80% of GCs believe predictive technology could be valuable throughout the e-discovery lifecycle.
  • 75% of GCs say that predictive technology vendors do not do a good job of differentiating their products.
  • 66% of GCs think that predictive technology would be key to enabling e-discovery to be brought in-house.

Only 15% of general counsel believe that predictive technology is not ready for the main legal-processing market, the survey found.

You can read more of the preliminary results at eDiscoveryTimes. eDSG describes itself as an international thought leader and global provider of market intelligence, advisory services and information management consulting specializing in information governance, e-discovery and advanced cloud computing.

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