Insight Predict Named New Product of the Year at LTN Innovation Awards

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The fastest and most scalable discovery platform on the market. Integrated from processing and loading through search, culling, analytics, review and production.

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Dedicated Team

We have 15 years' experience helping clients manage complex discovery, from search strategy and predictive analytics to managed review and productions.

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Proven Results

Tested by the most demanding matters, Catalyst's technology and services have proven themselves year after year. On time, on budget, on target.

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Streamline Discovery

With an Integrated Platform

Catalyst’s secure, integrated discovery platform provides a smarter way to manage cases, investigations and regulatory requests. Rather than send documents to multiple vendors, use Catalyst’s central, single- instance document repository for all your matters.

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​Insight​ was stellar. Each and every search, copying to folder, bulk updating, printing and exporting worked flawlessly and quickly... As in most trial preparations, decisions are usually made last minute. Each processing and uploading project was done quickly and the documents were always ready when needed...”

​Senior Paralegal, Minneapolis, MN

“I can’t believe how easy this is. A couple of clicks and I’m finding what I need.”

Steven Hartwig, CEO C-TEQ Data Consultants

The industry has never seen anything like this. Insight and Predict are game changers. Both DSi and our clients, as usual, are blown away by Catalyst’ innovation and delivery on excellence.”

Tom Turner, President & Founding Partner, DSi

Insight continues Catalyst's leadership in multi-language e-discovery, through its support for 280 languages (including Chinese, Japanese and Korean), its multi-language UI and its success with multi-language predictive coding.”

Gartner 2014

"Insight's speed and scalability is stunning, and this latest Catalyst offering is built on an XML platform that presents one eye-popping feature after another."

William Hamilton, Partner, Quarles and Brady

“Getting data to a review platform can be a painful and slow process. With Catalyst we post our data directly to our site. This cuts out delays and takes several information security concerns out of the data transfer process.”

Kathy D. Hogy, Vice President of Legal Discovery, First Data Corp.

"Insight worked PERFECTLY.  Documents and coding forms loaded quickly. Searches worked every time.  The foldering structure was logical and easy to access. Tagging documents for depositions and the trial exhibit list was easy.  Everyone was impressed with the database and it made me look good.  Thank you very much."

Senior Paralegal, Minneapolis law firm

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Insight. It’s fast, powerful and easy to use. The ability to use graphics to track email communications is really impressive.”

Russ Aoki, Partner, Aoki & Sakamoto

“Catalyst has built the most powerful interface we’ve ever seen for searching complex content.”

Miles Kehoe, President, New Idea Engineering.

Continuous Active Learning

How It Works and Why It Matters

In July 2014, two of the leading experts in e-discovery, attorney Maura Grossman and professor Gordon Cormack, published research on the effectiveness of a new learning protocol for Technology Assisted Review called “Continuous Active Learning," or CAL for short. As shown in their research, CAL finds relevant documents faster and at lower cost than traditional TAR engines, speeding up review and cutting costs. It also simplifies the review process, solving the real-world problems that held back TAR from the beginning and making it effective in a much broader range of cases.

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Catalyst Expands into Global Corporate and Government Internal Compliance Investigations and Audits

Catalyst Expands into Global Corporate and Government Internal Compliance Investigations and Audits

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016 | News Releases 2016

Powerful Technology Enables Rapid Triage and Investigation of Compliance Matters by Corporations and Governments Worldwide Denver—February 3, 2016—Catalyst, a leader in e-discovery technology, today announced its expansion into supporting corporations and governments worldwide with internal investi... >>

Catalyst to Provide Global Computer Forensic Investigation  and Collections

Catalyst to Provide Global Computer Forensic Investigation and Collections

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 | News Releases 2016

Remote or On-Location Services Underscore Growth in Capabilities Denver—January 27, 2016—Catalyst, the leader in powerfully simple e-discovery, today announced that it is delivering forensic investigation and collection services on a global basis both directly and through a global network of forens... >>

Catalyst Expands into China; Adds to Korea Office

Catalyst Expands into China; Adds to Korea Office

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016 | News Releases 2016

Growth Underscores Catalyst’s E-Discovery Leadership in Serving the Asia-Pacific Market Denver—January 13, 2016—Underscoring its longstanding leadership in and commitment to serving the Asia market, Catalyst today announced its expansion into China and its appointment of China expert Dan Whitaker a... >>

Client Cuts Review Time in Half Using TAR 2.0

Client Cuts Review Time in Half Using TAR 2.0

Catalyst helps client negotiate a discovery stipulation to use Insight Predict The case against our client, a major media company, was pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District... >>

Predict Proves Effective for Small Collection

Predict Proves Effective for Small Collection

Facing Tight Deadline in SEC Probe, Company Reduces Review by 75% The question has persisted since technology assisted review got its start. How big does a case need to be before... >>

Patent Case Proves It’s Never Too Late to Use TAR

Patent Case Proves It’s Never Too Late to Use TAR

Even After Manually Reviewing Half the Collection, TAR Produced Substantial Savings “It’s never too late,” people often say. But is that true for technology assisted review? If a legal team has... >>

Major Bank Slashes Review Costs with Innovative E-Discovery Technology

Major Bank Slashes Review Costs with Innovative E-Discovery Technology

Catalyst’s Insight Predict Cuts Production Review Costs by 94% Our client was a large banking institution embroiled in nasty litigation with a now-defunct borrower. The bank alleged it lost millions due... >>

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Legaltech New York 2016

Legaltech New York 2016

February 2-4, 2016

Booth #1411

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Register Now Reduce review costs by 80% or more with Catalyst Conti... >>

Corporate Litigation Executive Roundtable

Corporate Litigation Executive Roundtable

March 2, 2016


8:15 am - 5:15 pm CST

Learn More Adam Barr, Catalyst’s vice president of Professional Services, wi... >>

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Announced at #LTNY16 Catalyst Expands into Global Corporate and Government Internal Compliance Investigations
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